Choices for The Best Under Eye Wrinkle Cream

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I quickly realized that I needed to find the best under eye wrinkle cream. Specifically the best cream to get rid of dark circles under eyes. I began what was to end up being a very long process. I had no idea that it would take me so much time to find what I would need. I certainly did not think that I would waste so much money on this search. There is a difference on spending money and wasting money. If you buy something, and get value for your money, see results and control what you purchase – that is spending. If you end up trying multiple skin care products, and jumping from product to product in the desperate search for results, the expenses quickly pile up. Whether your choices have been expensive or not, if the purchases do not live up to your expectations, then you are wasting money.

For me – here are the top three solutions in my cabinet. Look around at other solutions on this site and you may find others that work best for you!

    1.  Lifecell – This stuff is wonderful. I found that it tackled puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and could be used on the under-eye, lid, brow without irritation. I have sensitive eyes. It is on the expensive end, but for me was well worth it. I use this as my main go-to solution.
      • Highly rated and well reviewed
      • no side effect
      • visible improvements around eyes, lids, brows
      • reduce puffiness/bags
      • reduce circles
      • reduce wrinkles and fine lines
      • offers free trial

        LifeCell Choices for The Best Under Eye Wrinkle Cream

    2.  BASQNYC Cucumber Tea Eye Gel is my prefered product for periods of high allergic activity. When the pollen is high (or the cats are shedding), I get terribly itchy eyes. Rather then rub them furiously and undo everything else I have been trying to do, I find the this gel is really soothing. It is not a full solution in many ways…. it does not address many of my problems, but I have normal-oily skin, and this soothes without being greasy.
      •  Alleviates irritation and itching
      • Moisturizes without adding greasiness
      • Works well on dark circles
      • Seems to last a long time for me

    3. Sheseido Sun Protection Eye Cream is my alternate eye cream when I know that I am going to be in bright sunlight. Since my eyes are sensitive, I can’t have lots of harsh chemicals near my eyes. This product uses zinc oxide as the SPF, so it is not a problem for me.
      • Great for sun protection
      • a bit thick to apply, but absorbs nicely and does not run.
      • Good results for fine lines

So there is my current list. Based on my needs, the type of activities, skin types, allergies and climate, these products have given me good results.  I’d love to hear your comments on these items. Did they work well for you? Do you  have any other recommendations to share? If you post comments, please share details about your skin type and specific needs so we can all benefit from learning about products that work for different conditions.

With so many products on the market, and new ones arriving over time, sharing this information is our best way of learning without everyone having to spend so much trying them out.

Do your homework!

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  2. I have read on many places about lifecell products being the best and you say that too, so I guess I will have to try one.

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  4. Our wrinkle creams are from Obagi and they are in some circles considered the best formulations for removing wrinkles from eyes. We are sad they did not even get a mention from you here. Maybe next time. But we will look into the Life Cell Product You Discuss Here, Thank you for that!!

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